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Autumn leaves

It’s not too cold in Helsinki yet, but the autumn is definitely here. The leaves are not brown but already all yellow and half of them are down on the ground. There’s this mist hiding the city somewhere in the evenings and it’s just so super beautiful. The street lights make a halo around them and it’s like you’re walking in a movie on your way home. I’m not the biggest fan of November in general, who is, but there’s definitely a very beautiful side in it too. The air is fresh and it smells so clean even in the heart of the city. I’m sure I will start counting the days to April at some point but today all this feels calming and nice. I’m just happy to be safe at home and pretty much knowing nothing about what’s going on outside my walls. 
During my easy days this and last week, I had some time to read a lot of your thoughts about my book and my life story so far. Again I must say I have been touched by your words like never before. Thank you for all your promotion support and also for opening your hearts and dreams to me. I will keep all them only to myself and I’m wishing you all lots of luck and courage taking your important steps in life. 
Reading challenge
As you might have seen, some of my friends and buddies have made some really cool reading videos with my book for social media. I asked them to help me out as most of the promotion activities were cancelled due to the situation and this year there aren’t any real book fairs or reading events. You can see them on my Instagram highlights and on my Facebook page. Now for my surprise I started receiving videos from more and more people and I thought why not having a little competition. I love competitions ;) The rules are:
Make a vertical reading video (any language) with my book on your Instagram FEED until Christmas Day 2020. 
Maximum length 2 minutes. 
Start with reading a few lines. If you wanna send greetings etc., you can do that in the end. 
Use hashtag #foreveryours
Best three videos will get a signed book (language you chose) dedicated as you like. The very best video will win a special “Evening with Samu” price for you and your friend. Has nothing to do with sauna, taekwondo or water skiing ;)
Lots of love and patience to you all out there in these crazy times. There’s already some light at the end of the tunnel…