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Covid - Round two

If I could have chosen the moment for getting Covid for the second time, this would have been the week. There was nothing in the calendar that couldn’t be postponed or cancelled and here I am sitting one hour from Helsinki in my little archipelago haven wearing the same pajama pants and grandmother-made socks for the third day in a row. Seems like everyone gets this bug now and I’m happy I’m vaccinated twice already and after this they say I don’t need the third one. But who knows. It’s anyways so peaceful and beautiful here. Everything is shut down in Helsinki like everywhere, so I won’t be missing a thing anyways. 
Last time getting the virus was different. I was at the Voice studio in Berlin and suddenly they rushed into my backstage room yelling “Samu you go it, don’t move!” This time I was already here alone and safe and the test result text message in the morning told me what I already knew. 
This winter has been probably the most beautiful ever in Southern Finland. It’s not too cold but just slightly below zero. There’s snow everywhere and the days are getting longer. Approaching spring brings hope. Netflix, candles and the teapot is all I need and the only living souls around here are foxes, deer and a couple of cats escaping the farms nearby to get a piece of cheese or something I like to give them. This morning a deer was standing one meter from my bedroom window and it just looked at me and then continued digging the snow. As soon as I feel good, I will jump in the ice hole for a swim and get the last bits of this stupid bug away from my system. But easy now... 
Many of you have asked about the tour. I just finished one more online meeting about the screen videos and a lot of other things and as I’m writing this blog, we have the trucks, busses are ready to go in April. All gear and toys are rented, some of us are even ready for a hair cut ;)

I’d be stupid to make any guesses, but fingers are crossed. One part of me is thinking this must be the last lockdown with this bug. But how many times have we been wrong or surprised during the last two years. Let’s just hope for the best. 
I want to believe that this break between the announcement and the actual final tour can make it even more amazing and valuable when we finally make it on stage. Of course it would have been nice to finish the Sunrise journey as planned, but somehow it feels greater and even more meaningful as we have been denied this experience for so long. 
No matter what happens in the world, I will keep releasing my Finnish songs. In a strange way it feels like I’m recording my first album ever. It can be the language or the fact that I don’t feel the pressure barely at all this time, but anyways I love how things are moving right now. I’ve had all the time in the world for song writing and we’ve had amazing times at the studio with the gang. The recording trip to Santorini Greece was one of the best studio experiences ever. The feta cheese, local wines and the big pool could be part of it though. Ok now I could go back there…
I was sitting on this same spot exactly one year ago and now getting back to that moment I realize how much in bad shape and exhausted I was back then. If there’s anything good about this whole mess we’re all facing soon for the third year, at least it forced me to stop. And not only having a 6 week break in Australia and telling everyone how wel I have recovered, but to really let go of everything. I have heard same kind of experiences from many entrepreneur & active friends. I’ve always loved the feeling of being in control of my life and my future, but now the world has cruelly shown us all that there are bigger things than us and our own plans and choices. But still it’s nice to realize that life goes on, we will find new ways to get by and most of all, the ones who really matter, they won’t go away no matter what. If I’m really happy and thankful for something, it’s the people I have in my life. The rest will work out.
A strange and large ship has been anchored for a few days 2-3 kilometers out from my pier next to this tiny island. I know I should stay inside by the fireplace, but maybe I’ll just take my binoculars, walk down and investigate that stranger a bit. You never know when you end up in the middle of an action movie….;) On the other hand there would be “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” Finland’s opening episode on TV… 
I choose the mystery boat. If they’re not nice, I’ll scream “I’m a celebrity, get the f**k out of my coast”;)
Thank you everyone for all the support and also just for being there. I’m sending you lots of angels and strength. I don’t know when, but we will make it out of this someday, so hang in there. 

Stay safe and lots of 2-meter-distance masked hugs <3

Still yours,