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Forever Yours 2022

For a long time believed “Thank you for everything” would be the very last release of Sunrise Avenue. This time I love to be wrong. 
As we were filming the documentary clips about the band’s final tour preparations, director Miikka Jouhkimainen asked me if there’s a special song we could end the film with. He said it would be cool if the song would be new somehow. I had the answer ready. 
We have played a remix version of Forever Yours for years instead of the original one. This “Nightliner remix” was produced by our dear friends Jukka Backlund and long gone Aku Sinivalo back in 2006 as we needed some new material for our Gold Edition album as we reached high sales numbers against all odds in the beginning. Some years ago we decided to rearrange that version for the Orchestra Tour with the band guys and ever since the new version took its solid place on the setlist. It has bothered me that we never released the song properly as there was never a good moment for it, but now the time has come. I have loved this version from the start and somehow it feels even better on stage than the original.
We didn’t want to book a studio as the song somehow belongs to the stages. It’s too wild. We recorded all instruments on stage at the sound check at Hallenstadion in Zurich before the first show in May and then I sat a week with my friend producer Joonas Angeria in Helsinki recording vocals and finalizing the track and I must say I’m surprised how much good stuff was squeezed out during that process. I have never banged my head or screamed that much in studio before. It was one of the fastest and most creative sessions I’ve ever had. The song has been an absolute highlight of the shows for years already and now I’m so happy to let it fully out too.
Sunrise Avenue started as a rock band. The style of the band has found softer vibes the last years for very good reasons, but it’s just so great to end this fairytale with energetic rock and a track that leaves nobody cold and lasts over five minutes. No rules, no plans. Just pure raw whatever comes out. 
 “Thank you for everything” felt like a perfect closure and a perfect song to describe our feelings for you. And of course it is perfect, but this one does it even better. When this journey is over in September, we’ll still be Forever Yours. We always will be. The memories we have and the moments we‘ve had together – nobody or nothing can ever take them away and we can never thank you enough. 
Last baby out at midnight. Video on Friday afternoon.
Forever and ever yours,