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Ginger Bread Pork

I just got home from Cologne and damn it’s getting dark. This is the time of the year when you remember that Finland is actually in the north. The days are getting very short and the Sun rises in Helsinki tomorrow at 8:55 and sets at 15:52. And it never goes too high actually but keeps hiding the whole day somewhere behind the buildings and trees. It would be super cool to have some snow, as then it looks much prettier, but the last years haven’t actually been too much of Disney winters. Feels like the climate change is proceeding as they’re saying. Unfortunately. They opened the outdoor skating parks this week in Helsinki and as soon as I’m done with my quarantine, I’ll definitely go. Maybe the kids will let me play a bit of hockey with them…
Thank you all for your amazing reading challenge videos. It’s so cool how much effort you have taken and how creative you all are. My buddy Toni has made subtitles to some of them and we still have until Christmas Day midnight (Dec 25th). Just remember to tag #foreveryours on the videos or your hard work might disappear somewhere in the digital universe. I’m sure I have seen them all and my heart has melted many times already and I have laughed my ass off too.
Many of your videos or messages tell the story of how some of you found your best friend(s) through Sunrise Avenue concerts or some of my TV stuff. How cool is that. The thought of connecting people in this sometimes cold world, is so much bigger than any platinum award or sold out stadium. We all know how it feels to be lonely and if an event or song can change that for someone, what more can you ask for. I also love the crazy gang-travel-videos from your trips to concerts or to the TV studios. I still don’t fully understand how you find the time for your support year after year. But of course if I may say, please never stop. 
And now the important stuff. This is the time of the year when the Finnish dude Santa Klaus is watching every move we make. All that we do and say now effects directly on the Christmas Eve. Santa and his million assistants have eyes everywhere in the world. They all live in Korvatunturi at the Santa Park and I have visited the main house once. Santa is a bit scary (as most mega charismatic leaders are) but he’s also actually super cool. And super smart as he’s more than 600 years old and he has seen it all. Imagine that he remembers the names of everyone in the world. I heard the world situation hasn’t really effected on his actions and his reindeers are able to operate normally. 
I don’t really know what Christmas means this year, but in a few weeks it’s the day when everything stops for a while. It's strange to prepare for the holidays as it can be difficult to travel and to gather together, but I hope nobody would be left alone. And even though it feels kind of bad with all the strangeness around us, imagine how amazing it should feel next year as everything is hopefully back to normal. 
So, lots of love from my home sofa. It feels extra safe and comfortable tonight. Probably because I have a freshly baked ginger bread pork in my mouth. And because Frank Sinatra is singing Christmas songs on Spotify. Life could be so much worse. The record companies have asked me for a Christmas album for at least ten years now and I have alwasys said no. Right now it doesn't feel like a bad idea, but I'm sure I'll get back to my senses tomorrow. Not this year anyways. Maybe someday. Nothing beats Frank. 
Big hugs everyone and stay safe out there,