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Good night Berlin!

I’m again flashed by the amazingness of the Voice. It’s just so ridiculous how well they do it. And even in these strange times when you would think many young talented singers would stay home waiting for better times, again we have all been shocked how great they’ve been. It was sometimes hard not to buzz for some of them, but unfortunately there are only 18 places in each team. Everyone would be good enough for the show. I really hope they show a lot of the behind the scenes material of how the crew made it happen, especially this year. Conditions are unimaginable hard and restrictions could kill the vibe easily, but no. Just look at the show. It’s the best there is on television in the whole world and it’s just amazing I get to sit there as one of the stars.
I’ll try to get my RPM down now so I could get a goodnight sleep. It’s an early morning again tomorrow and I have a huge week ahead. The biggest I’ve had in years. I started traveling with my book already last month and next Wednesday is the big day. Pooh… There have been moments I have even regretted the idea of releasing the whole piece at all. It sometimes felt too honest and too deep. But then I have thought about you all and how things have always been between us. How you have understood everything every single time. Even if the topics have been a bit big to swallow. So three nights left <3
Good night now and big hugs from my hotel room toothbrush station. 
Forever Yours, 

PS: Meet my little sister. You'll know a bit more about her soon...;)