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Hello world!

I had a super strange feeling on a plane today as I remembered all the blogs I wrote in the past. I thought why not write a few lines about what’s going on in my little world. As I started writing, I felt somehow warm and peaceful in my body. It felt like getting back to a friend that I didn’t see for a long time.

A lot has happened. We should have been on stage with the Sunrise boys for the last time a few weeks ago, but obviously that experience was postponed like pretty much everything in the world this year. It’s a shame, of course, but good news is that we will have our moments together next year when it’s safer and when there’s room to enjoy the final blast. Accept what you can’t change. Everything was planned more amazing than ever before and we were all more than ready to go, but now we have a great chance to make some little details even better. The story of Sunrise with you all has been way too beautiful to be ended with masks on our faces. The years together have been beautiful and so shall the last steps be too. If it takes a little time, then let’s give it time.

It’s amazing that our agents Contra Promotion in Europe and Live Nation in Finland were able to find a new date for every show in such short notice. It feels a bit strange even thinking about being on stage right now, but just imagine how it must feel after the wait. Like you weren’t given candy for a year and then they put chocolate in your mouth. They reopened the Olympic stadium in Helsinki a few weeks ago and as I did a TV interview on the field where we’ll play soon with the boys, it gave me chills. I haven’t seen any of the band guys after the last rehearsals in early March and that feels like a lifetime. We’ve had our long breaks before but this time we’ll need an extra day to go through what everyone’s been doing the last months before we can start looking at music again. We’ll get back to tour plans in October. As it’s been announced, the tour start is planned April 2nd (My birthday next year. I have a strong feeling we will see us then. Fingers crossed.

Today I’m heading back to the Voice studio. It’s so great they asked me back. My original plan for 2020 was to focus on the final Sunrise tour and that would have taken pretty much all of my time. But as everything went new, I suddenly had a lot of empty pages in my calendar. I had nothing but fishing, Taekwondo and freedom in mind until my book comes out in October. Then they called me from the Voice and asked if I would team up with Rea. I asked them to repeat the question. Me and Rea Garvey in one team? Seroiusly…???

I must say it’s been more fun than I expected and probably more fun than ever before. He’s such a cool little beard face and in some ways it’s even more fun fighting the others with Rea than being his arch enemy. Ok, I loved our moments in the past too, but the team work has been amazing. I must also say the production and all folks working for the great 10th season at TVOG are doing a champion job. Most of the “crowd members” are made of card board but honestly after the first day of filming, you didn’t realize that. Amazing how much noise you were able to make even though you weren’t as many as before. Thank you for being there. The mood has been amazing every day and even though there’s a little extra virus-danger-vibe at the studio every now and then, we’re all used to that by now. I’m so happy I decided to go for it.

One thing that will happen according to plans, is my book. Finally. I have been working on it for three years with my trusted writer Tuomas Nyholm. I started writing the story on my own eight years ago, but then I realized it’s impossible to get it right and went for a few writers with experience. Luckily my instincts were right about Tuomas and he definitely deserves a damn statue in Samu-Haber-Land now that the work is done.

I like to be pretty open about my thoughts and life. But it’s always been in the context of music, TV shows, career etc. Now I’m talking about myself as I am. My dreams, fears and weaknesses. About the moments that made me a hero, but also about the mistakes I’ve made. And that felt amazing, scary and naked. The fact that Tuomas would also interview tens of people who’ve also been there and who know me to the bone, forced me to be über honest. Some topics went under my skin and some moments I felt like we’re going a bit too deep. But we didn’t. It all feels right today and this project has been the best way of getting to know who I am. You might have heard a thing or two about me over the years, but this is something else. Now we’re not talking about a chorus. It makes me more nervous than anything I have released ever before. But I also love the honesty and brutal openness it has. Can’t wait it to be out. As I finished reading the book for the first time myself, I said: “WOW” and I didn’t have dry eyes.

Many Voice colleagues, musicians, music industry people, friends and family members took part in the book project spending their time explaining my journey to Tuomas. But the first thing he started writing with, was my blogs from the past. I went through them too. Hilarious crazy stuff.

It’s strange times. Very strange. But it’s comforting to know that all this craziness will be over some day. And actually compared to how bad the worst scenario looked like in March, things aren’t as bad as they could have been. I know I’m one of the lucky ones in this world. I’m still healthy and I have my jobs. I know that’s not the case with you all. But I think now we need to stay patient and to follow the instructions given us by the authorities and to act smart. I don’t like the restrictions or wearing a mask. But if that can save someone’s life or save some business so people can keep their jobs, I’ll definitely do my best and so should we all. This will not be forever. There’s already light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s getting brighter every day.

Sending you all lots of angels and strength. Hoping to see you all very soon.

Forever Yours,