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Samu vs Bug 1-0

I just received my negative COVID 19 test result and according to the German health authorities, my quarantine is over. That means I can go home. I will of course take another test at the airport in Helsinki and follow any instructions given to me by the Finnish health people. 
It was a bit crazy getting the “positive” news last week as I had no real symptoms at all. I was very used to getting the green light as I’ve been probably tested more than Donald T. the last months. I’ve been travelling like crazy and I was a bit tired after the book tour of course, but I never expected myself carrying the bug. And this is what they told us from the beginning. You might carry it without having a clue and even if you might be lucky with it like me, you might give it to someone else. Was strange how all the news articles from last six months flashed through my mind as I received the results. And then as you have a little strange feeling in your stomach or chest, your subconscious starts telling you crazy stories of what might happen. I was never too worried about myself to be honest. Mostly I feared that I might have given it to someone else. But who’d want to be sick at all.
Most colleagues, friends and family who have been in contact with me the last weeks have been tested and they are all OK and clear. However, if you have been close to me and especially if you feel any symptoms, go check yourself. Even though I got off with a very light warning this time, the experience reminded me of how quickly things can get bad. So I will make sure that I’ll do an even better job from now on staying away from others. Winning the first round doesn’t mean the battle is over. A boxing match typically lasts 12 rounds and I hope this one is less. As we have all heard, you might get it again. We’re not done yet. That day will come though. 
Thank you all lovely people for taking so great care of me and for sending messages that made me smile and made my heart feel warm. And thank you friends and colleagues in Berlin. On the second day they brought me a piano. Candles and red wine on the third day. I wrote and recorded three new songs as I had nothing to do. Rea, you don’t need to bring me the extra guitar gear you promised. And Mark I will delete the funny and schmutzig picture that you sent me ;) in case they hack my phone some day. But thank you anyways. All of you. I realize how lucky I am once again. 
Take care everyone and hope to see you all very soon. I have mentioned my home sofa and my own bed a few times in my past blogs. I don’t remember being this happy thinking of sinking into both of them soon.
Big virtual hugs,