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Throwback Thursday

What a week and what a throwback. 
As I started this book project, I had no idea where it would take me. Again today I’ve had feelings that I never knew before. But luckily life has brought me to many different places, so even if all this feels a bit strange now, it doesn’t make me too scared. 
I must admit that I’m quite exhausted. When you promote your band’s music or some TV show, it’s very hard work for sure, but this is something different. Now you talk about your inner YOU 45 times a day for many weeks facing your own past and your own doings. This time it’s not a chorus line or a guitar sound you selected. It’s all about the deepness of you.

It’s amazing what happens in every interview. It can be that they squeeze all possible sides of my 44 years into 10 minutes; Childhood, Sunrise, The Voice, Finnish Police and also how I feel about being naked in the sauna sometimes doing “Kalsarikännit.” From topic to topic, from emotion to emotion. Some moments have felt like being on a rollercoaster that’s going a bit too fast without having the safety belt just holding onto the handle and trying to stay in. Some moments have been amazingly deep and intelligent and the questions have stopped me in a respectful intelligent way. It’s all very interesting and all this has already been one of my coolest experiences ever. 
Every question is mega hard no matter what the language would be, but then I also share my thoughts in a language I don’t speak too well. Like a Finnish tourist would speak English in New York. Doing quite well, but not understanding the local street signs or the dialect. I could also talk about all of the topics for hours. Subjects are huge and they’d all deserve their own TV show, but now they need to be squeezed into a small package like bang, bang, bang! It’s crazy but I love it. And of course it’s an honor that all the major TV, Radio, Magazine etc. players want to have me and my book at the shows.
I promised myself that I wouldn’t read your comments too much in the beginning. But of course I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t really know what to expect and who wouldn’t like to read about what others think. You have turned my world upside-down once again with your words. There were a few times I was not able to hold my tears. I tried every time because there’s people around me everywhere. You always amaze me with how much love and wisdom you have inside you and how smart you look at the world from outside the bubble. It’s sometimes difficult to remember all the good there is in the world in between all the sheisse and noise around us. Thank you for reminding me again of how good this place actually is. 
I’ll be done with my duties a bit earlier tonight. It’s good that Helsinki IFK are not playing Ice Hockey tonight in Finland so I don’t have to choose between sports and The Voice. A few more nights and I’ll sleep again in my own bed. After my own sauna. Sending you all lots of love and thank you again for all the support in these crazy times.  
Still Yours, 
PS. Congratulations Heaven. You just got yourself a special angel this week and the dinners and other moments just got much better for you. We will all miss him down here and please take good care of him. Cook in peace Matti.