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Has anyone ever had a great idea drinking milk?


A Child is born. Say hello to “LUMI”- Riesling from Germany, the third member of “Forever Yours” wine family.

LUMI is all healthy and despite her young age she is already elegant and full of good acids and character. She’s was born on the beautiful hills of Pfalz, Germany and she looks slightly different than her siblings “Rose” and “Red.” LUMI seems to be elegant, dry and extremely attractive and everyone in the family is already loving her to the moon. As we saw her for the first time, we knew LUMI is her name. In Italian it means “Lights” and in Finnish LUMI means “Snow.” May she bring light and love also to the times when it’s a bit darker.

The whole family is healthy and happy and doing well. We can’t wait to see you all soon.


Summer. The season of seasons. Forever Yours ROSÉ by Samu is suitable for the beach, garden parties or dining outdoors with friends. Also works great with someone special in a park until sunset. Or sunrise. Flamingo flavoured. Note! This ROSÉ wine doesn’t block sunlight and it might make your dance moves groovy. Remember sun cream and shades.


​Forever Yours RED by Samu. Suitable for singing, dancing, dining with friends or talking about life for hours. Also works alone with a piano, guitar or when reading a book. And they say it's perfect for moments when someone special holds you a little too close in candle light. How ever you like. You master the wine.